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Pancreatic cancer

Difficult to Diagnose

Pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates among other cancers because it is difficult to diagnose early. It is often diagnosed in later stages of the disease, once it has already metastasized.

Patient and Nurse


Using digital tools to empower and improve the lives of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Improved quality of life of pancreatic cancer patients 
through advanced pain and cachexia management, 
nutrition, and physical activity interventions.

Unresponsive tumor

The tumors from pancreatic cancer don´t respond as well to commonly used cancer therapies as other less harmful types of cancer.

Serious comorbidities

Some of the comorbidities that exist as a result of pancreatic cancer are pain, emaciation, and jaundice, among others.

Weight Lifting

We use AI-based tools to empower patients in palliative care.


RELEVIUM is working on digital, AI-based solutions to facilitate patient-doctor communication, enabling patients to self-manage their disease.

Wearable smart tools such as a smartwatch and an innovative remote ultrasound patch are equipped with the necessary sensors needed in order to provide a stream of evidence on symptom progression. Pairing these with an AI-driven platform, pancreatic cancer patients are assisted and enabled to achieve the maximum achievable quality of life.

Experts Panel
RELEVIUM brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts with the shared goal of  improving the outcomes in palliative care for advanced pancreatic cancer.

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