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Pancreatic cancer, responsible for 95,000 deaths every year in the EU, exhibits the lowest survival rate among other cancers.


At RELEVIUM, our mission is to address this critical issue and enhance the quality of life for advanced pancreatic cancer patients.

We achieve this by implementing highly personalized nutrition, physical activity, and pain management strategies, in addition to chemotherapy. Through these efforts, RELEVIUM empowers patients, helping them navigate this challenging period with reduced pain and improved well-being.

Utilizing our wearable technology solutions, we collect and transform indicators of the patient's health through AI-driven health services. The processed data is aggregated onto a dashboard, providing accessible information for both patients and clinicians.


These continuous remote monitoring technologies enable the multimodal supportive intervention to observe pain levels, muscle mass estimation, nutrition levels, and physical activity levels.

Medical Team


months life expectancy at time of diagnosis


new cases of pancreatic cancer every year in Europe

40 years

as the only cancer that has not seen an improvement in survival rates

The primary goal of RELEVIUM is to enhance overall palliative care for patients with pancreatic cancer.

The team's collective efforts, coupled with innovative technology, aim to improve quality of life, effectively manage pain, reduce sarcopenia, enhance ECOG status, and ensure the continued accessibility of treatment.

Our Mission is to Empower

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