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NALIRIFOX: New First-Line Treatment Approved by the US FDA 

For the first time in over a decade, the FDA has approved a new first-line treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer patients. NALIRIFOX, a combination chemotherapy, has shown positive survival benefits in clinical trials and is now approved for patients who have not yet received treatment. This approval offers hope for improved outcomes and precious time with loved ones. 

🔗 Encouraging Results of Phase III Clinical Trial of FOLFIRINOX Regimen in Pancreatic Cancer

Project Milestone: Focus Group Updates

Last Update: 24/08/2023

📣 Important progress update on the RELEVIUM project! We successfully conducted online focus groups, collaborating with UMC Mainz and ECPC.


The questions and discussions yielded valuable feedback.


Additionally, we are providing an online questionnaire to reach even more patients and clinicians. This milestone showcases the first achievements of RELEVIUM. Stay tuned for more updates! ✨ 

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World Pancreatic Cancer Day 

Explore the significance of November 16, World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Learn why this day matters for patients, its impact, and the crucial awareness it aims to generate. Don't miss out on understanding the vital role it plays in the fight against pancreatic cancer. 

🔗 European Cancer Patient Coalition

🔗 Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research

🔗 TEB e.V. 

2023 European Cancer Summit
Call for Abstracts & Registration

Join the 2023 European Cancer Summit, organized by the European Cancer Organisation. Co-chaired by Winette van der Graaf and Kathy Oliver, this event will take place in Brussels and online on November 15 - 16. 

Submit your abstracts by September 15th to be featured at the summit and register now for a discounted rate:

📝 Submit abstracts here
💼 Register at a special rate

Explore the present and future of cancer care in Europe at this comprehensive summit.


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