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Project Partners

The RELEVIUM consortium is made up of 18 partners from 10 countries

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To learn more about each partner, click on their logo.

 Their Roles

In the RELEVIUM project

  • Project Coordinator - Mainz University Medical Center : Visit their website here

  • Technical Management - EXUS

  • Clinical Management UMC Mainz

  • Clinical Partners - Curie, Rambam, NEMC, Bordet

  • Lead Contributor of Communication Activities - Futuro Perfecto Innovación

  • Product development team - EXUS, HUA(Harokopio University of Athens), CERTH, AIN, MCS, FhG and PULSIFY 

  • Project Research & Evaluation Team - The Rosenbaum Group, JGU, and CSI

  • Advocacy team - ECPC 

  • Legal Advisor and Ethics Manager - Diadikasia

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