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RELEVIUM: EU-Funded Project

Type of Action

HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions


Granting authority: European Health and Digital Executive Agency. Grant managed through EU Funding & Tenders Portal.

Project duration

1 September 2022 - 31 August 2026 (48 months)

Lead Coordinator

Universitaetsmedizin Der Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz, Germany

Discover and Learn

Why the Relevium project matters 

Pancreatic cancer (PDAC), has the lowest survival rate among all cancers, causing 95,000 deaths each year in the EU.

The RELEVIUM project is dedicated to addressing the challenges of PDAC and improving the quality of life for patients. 

Our goal

To reduce pain and improve the well-being of advanced pancreatic cancer patients by focusing on personalized nutrition, physical activity, and pain management strategies alongside chemotherapy.


This holistic approach aims to empower patients and make their lives less burdensome during this challenging period.

How we'll achieve this

We utilize wearable technology and AI-driven health services. Our solutions collect important health data and present it on a dashboard accessible to patients and clinicians. Through continuous remote monitoring, we track pain levels, estimate muscle mass, monitor nutrition, and assess physical activity.

A five-centre randomized clinical trial (RELEVIUM-RCT) will evaluate the efficacy of the proposed personalized care plans for advanced pancreatic cancer patients. The trial will investigate their impact on quality of life (QoL), cost-effectiveness, health equity, and the stress burden on patient families. The study outcomes will provide recommendations for integrating remote monitoring and improving QoL outcomes in palliative care for advanced pancreatic cancer.

Participate in the FDC study in Mainz, Germany

Anders' Story: Insights from a Pancreatic Cancer Patient

Anders Bovin's story is a remarkable account shared by a pancreatic cancer patient who offers valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of his journey.


His personal narrative sheds light on the realities faced by pancreatic cancer patients and the significance of the Relevium project's mission in supporting individuals like Anders.


By delving into his story, we gain profound insights into the complexities of living with pancreatic cancer and the impact that research and advancements can have on patients' lives. Anders' story serves as a testament to the importance of ongoing efforts in understanding and addressing this devastating disease.

Read more about Anders' journey

My most important message for this journey is to try to be hopeful, optimistic, and very informed about the illness.

Interesting links 

The DPC eV, a consortium of German-speaking scientists, is dedicated to advancing pancreatic research. Their focus spans promoting collaboration, organizing an annual scientific meeting, supporting joint projects, and nurturing young talent. Key to their mission is facilitating information exchange on pancreas physiology and pathophysiology. 


Pancreatic Cancer Europe is a European multi-stakeholder platform which aims at bringing together experts from all over Europe including academics, physicians, politicians, patient groups, journalists and industry with a common interest and willingness to improve care for patients with pancreatic cancer.

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